The Problem

Over the past few years Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become an area of growing concern. As modern buildings have become tighter, ventilation rates have been reduced and new contaminants detected, resulting in increased levels of indoor air pollution.

Health and safety concerns are an increasingly important aspect of every business or organisation where potential poor air quality can be an issue.

Purified air locally within buildings is a straightforward preventative measure to avoid problems and improve air quality without resorting to high ventilation rates. The range of Filtaire professional air purifirers has a product for every situation. The Filtaire range has the capability of removing the tiniest airborne particles. the units provide total filtration capacity by combining high efficiency particulate filter media, combined with high activity, activated carbons.

The carbon filter elements remove all odours and vapours that can cause deterioration in indoor air quality. These vapours come from various sources, such as vehicle exhausts drawn in throughventilation systems, ozone from electronic equipment and photocopiers, emissions from furnishings, particularly those manufactured from synthetic materials, emissions from cleaning materials, food and waste products. The filter units, by removing pollutants rather than masking them, create far healthier atmospheres. Their potential uses are extremely widespread in industrial, commercial and domestic premises. They are particularly useful where people are very sensitive to airborne contaminates, for example asthma sufferers or people prone to allergies.